AQ Media is here!

Hi, I'm Aga and I'm a Citizen Journalist, former Radio Broadcaster and Vlogger.

Before I got into politics, I had aired many talks on the radio focused on health, meditation and Polish culture & entrepreneurship, including promotion of local art events and support of small businesses. Among the guests I interviewed were: the top Polish naturopath and author, Jerzy Zięba, as well as an icon of Polish punk/rock/alternative scene, and an icon in and of itself, Kazik Staszewski.

After I went into politics, I was censored from Dublin City Radio (Ireland) for reporting on the Trump administration, anti-lockdown protests and leftist riots. Twitter has suspended me, YouTube is removing my content, Facebook has applied algorithms to my fan page (and personal profile likewise) and is cutting down on my Reach and Views. I have evidence to prove it.

I have founded this project after I went down the endless rabbit holes with the specific motivation to share uncensored information and report on all sorts of news, especially the rare kind ignored by the mainstream narrative.

Here, you will come across pieces of solid social analysis, trending political affairs and glaring facts about our origins as human race, as well as our health.

But first and foremost, you will savor some impressive finds by the undisclosed users of multiple Internet boards and platforms, known as anons. They have recently been given a chance to break the surface and come closer to the regular folk, letting us all in on the vast knowledge of the anonymous underground vault.

This website has been coined as a tribute to all those, who continue to fight for humanity on the digital battlefield of the ongoing information war, as well as those, who stand their ground in their daily strifes with the powers that disavow our basic human rights. Let's hold the line.

For Freedom!

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