🛫 European Vacation 2022: Here is what you need to know about the summer air travel mess! 🚨⚡️ 🤯

A rant about the recent trip to Europe. The current situation at the US and European airports. Prepare for delays, rescheduled flights and stranded luggage ✈️🧳

Airports are short staffed. Whatever remaining staff there is, it is largely uninformed on the newest travel regulations, namely: the vaccine, testing and mask requirements have been LIFTED! 🗣🔊 But aviation employees seem not to care. Or worse - they willingly insist on enforcing the non-existing mandates. Zombie rules!

💎 Vax & tests were lifted on June 12, 2022 for the US; for Germany - on June 11 🛑💉🧪
💎 Masks on public transportation for US were lifted on April 18 🛑😷

But it goes beyond the airline mess. The female clerks for one of the rental companies at the Frankfurt airport were mean. The third-party booking site for the car rentals and other reservations would not follow up on our open case for a refund when we were refused a car by the unhelpful staff. German train staff on Deutsche Bahn was openly rude and hostile (not discussed in this video; may make another one dedicated to this incident solely).

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Editor-in-Chief, Vlogger & Radio Broadcaster, censored from Dublin City FM (Ireland) for reporting on the Trump admin, anti-lockdown protests and leftist riots. Host of Stricte Jawne in Radio Cenzura.
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