Our German 🇩🇪 friends travelled to Berlin today to take part in the historic protest against the government tyranny and the lockdown imposed by the authorities because of covid. Robert and his crew started their march at the Russian Embassy 🇷🇺 on Unter den Linden boulevard in the Mitte district, to demand the peace treaty which is pending since WWII, according to the protesters.

Robert clarified that the borders weren't shut! They are still open! And everyone is welcome to join the protest! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 According to their estimate, there should be between 5 - 10mln people arriving!!! And they will be staying for a week or... until the German government resigns.

There are many issues that bother German citizens, not only the lockdown or the lack of transparency on the coronavirus politics. People are also rallying against the global plague of child trafficking, holding signs that say "Rettet die Kinder" ("Save The Children") 👼👼🏻👼🏾.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from Children Health Defense also joined the protest to give a speech around 3pm.

This march is truly uniting everyone - there are people from the left 👈 and right 👉 coming together, despite their differences, to fight for our freedoms 🆓🤜. Even some religious groups joined, like Hare Krishna and Falun Gong! 📿

Watch the report above! 🎥⬆️

Photos: Robert Glas


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Editor-in-Chief, Vlogger & Radio Broadcaster, censored from Dublin City FM (Ireland) for reporting on the Trump admin, anti-lockdown protests and leftist riots. Host of Stricte Jawne in Radio Cenzura.
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