⚡ News Flash | 4-10-20 || Durham issues subpoenas | POTUS fights traffickers | Fed executions resumed

⚡ News Flash | 4-10-20 || Durham issues subpoenas | POTUS fights traffickers | Fed executions resumed

A series of talks by Aga Qubica with the emphasis on non-mainstream / alternative news sources 🕵️‍♀️ and independent / unfunded 🆓 research 🧠👩‍💻

Twitter is one such example of a communication platform by-passing the large media companies and giving non-discriminating access to Johns and Janes Doe all over the world (at least in theory because e.g. the Chinese citizens are banned from accessing certain social media platforms), as well as to the most prominent public figures, including POTUS - the President of the United States of America.

Curious about what's cooking across the pond these days? This is the weekly roundup of the most heated issues in the USA 🇺🇸 and around the world 🌎 By the People, for the People.
Short and sweet.

~ Whatever happens in the USA, the rest of the world will follow ~ 🌐👉🛣

In this episode:

📌 US Attorney John Durham issuing multiple subpoenas
📌 US troops deployed to the southern border targeting narcotic and human trafficking crimes; Mexico supporting Trump’s efforts (!) by sending additional 27,000 soldiers
📌 Resuming federal executions per president Trump’s motion
📌 DOJ petitioning the Congress to acquire the possibility to “indefinitely detain individuals during emergencies”
📌 Covid-19 checkpoints to screen passengers on highways having another important objective: blocking human traffickers
📌 Bernie Sanders dropping out of the presidential race (after having collected enormous donations from his supporters); Joe Biden becoming the only Democratic candidate
📌 FBI arresting a LARPER posing as QAnon
📌 Over 6 mln American filing for unemployment; some states using a 40-year old programming language not able to process the claims efficiently
📌 AG Barr stating that the media “has been on a jihad” to discredit HCQ
📌 Discrepancies in the covid and pneumonia statistics; the US federal government counting non-covid deaths towards the covid death toll
📌 RFK Jr exposing Gates, WHO and their agenda to push vaccines utilizing the “pandemic” narrative
📌 RFK Jr shedding light on the involvement of the US Congress with the Big Pharma on the vaccine scheme
📌 Gates, Microsoft, Rockefeller Foundation partnering up to introduce a tracking system, known as ID 2020 Alliance “digital identity”, and a global vaccination program
📌 Medical Supply Chain Act ending American dependency on the Chinese medical components
📌 Trump announcing holding the funds for WHO, the US Congress calling on the WHO director, Tedros Ghebreyesus, to step down because of his history of pandemic coverups
📌 Virus analysis (not a living thing); Harvard professor Charles Lieber credited with the invention of virus-sized transistors indicted by the DOJ for not disclosing the fact about receiving funds from the Chinese WUT and NIH and DoD at the same time (conflict of interest)

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