⚡ News Flash | Apr 23, 2020 || Durham after Brennan | Shutdown protests | Israelis vs Netanyahu

⚡ News Flash | Apr 23, 2020 || Durham after Brennan | Shutdown protests | Israelis vs Netanyahu

A series of talks by Aga Qubica with the emphasis on non-mainstream / alternative news sources 🕵️‍♀️ and independent / unfunded 🆓 research 🧠👩‍💻

Twitter is one such example of a communication platform by-passing the large media companies and giving non-discriminating access to Johns and Janes Doe all over the world (at least in theory because e.g. the Chinese citizens are banned from accessing certain social media platforms), as well as to the most prominent public figures, including POTUS - the President of the United States of America.

Curious about what’s cooking across the pond these days? This is the weekly roundup of the most heated issues in the USA 🇺🇸 and around the world 🌎

By the People, for the People. Short and sweet.

~ Whatever happens in the USA, the rest of the world will follow ~ 🌐👉🛣

In this episode:

📌 #JohnBrennan as the main subject of the #DurhamInvestigation

📌 #Trump halting the funding for the #WHO

📌 Recommended #federalguidelines for the #lockdown and how the state governors interpret them; 7 states enforcing wearing masks in public; 6 of them are governed by Democratic governors

📌 NYC’s #DeBlasio encouraging reporting resident, who don’t wear masks to the police; people’s response

📌 #Americans protesting “unconstitutional and tyrannical” lockdown orders, which are “worst then the virus”

📌 #AGBarr declaring legal support for citizens suing their respective state authorities for “draconian” lockdown regulations

📌 Confirmed and probable cases alike are now counted towards the covid death toll

📌 Trump retweeting a call to fire #Fauci

📌 A new study by a #Stanford scientist suggesting that the #coviddeathrate may be drastically lower than the official numbers; and equal to those of the common flu

📌 AG Barr opposing Bill Gates’ plans for the global #humantracking system and his #vaccineagenda; Instagram users tearing Gates apart in truly threatening posts

📌 A little-known fact from 2017: RFK JR and #DelBigtree of #ICAN unmasking #DHHS evading its legal obligations in regards to vaccine safety; the #Congress involvement

📌 Colorado #GOP votes heavily against #vaccinemandates

📌 President Trump’s outline for re-opening the country

📌 #POTUS suspending new #immigration into the US

📌 Additional funding of $484 billion for #PaycheckProtectionProgram finally approved

📌 #USoil prices going negative – for the first time in history; Trump’s #OilDeal with #OPECPlus

📌 #Israel protesting against PM #Netanyahu’s oppressive lockdown regulations as a threat to #democracy; Netanyahu’s indictments and his legally sanctioned (!) #impunity

📌 & more

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