⚡ News Flash | April 3, 2020 || Is Trump dismantling the Fed? | Mercy & Comfort | Maduro indicted

A series of talks by Aga Qubica with the emphasis on non-mainstream / alternative news sources 🕵️‍♀️ and independent / unfunded 🆓 research 🧠👩‍💻

Twitter is one such example of a communication platform by-passing the large media companies and giving non-discriminating access to Johns and Janes Doe all over the world (at least in theory because e.g. the Chinese citizens are banned from accessing certain social media platforms), as well as to the most prominent public figures, including POTUS - the President of the United States of America.

Curious about what’s cooking across the pond these days? This is the weekly roundup of the most heated issues in the USA 🇺🇸 and around the world 🌎 By the People, for the People. Short and sweet.

~ Whatever happens in the USA, the rest of the world will follow ~ 🌐👉🛣

In this episode:

📌 The shutdown in the US extended to April 30th

📌 Trump signs the economic relief package or CARES Act despite the Democrats’ partisan list of non-covid related demands

📌 Federal Reserve restructuring, tax filing delayed

📌 NY MD reports 100% success at treating covid-19 patients with HCQ, Z-Pak, and Zinc (the total cost is $20!)

📌 Statistics from NYC Health on covid-19 deaths + underlying medical conditions

📌 How MSM covers the pandemic and what citizens report on Twitter

📌 Pentagon sends two Navy hospital ships, Mercy and Comfort, to treat non-covid patients; optimized for “trauma cases”

📌 Air Force launches operation to counter the pouring of illegal drugs into the US spiking amidst the covid-19 outbreak and the travel ban imposed on China

📌 Authoritarian president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, indicted by the US Justice Dept on drug trafficking and corruption charges

📌 Taoiseach Leo Varadkar describes the current pandemic situation as “the calm before the storm”; German state finance minister and a member of Merkel’s CDU party declared dead by a suicide

📌 & more

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Sources: 📰🔍

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  • Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and other MDs successfully treating coronavirus patients with HCQ, Z-Pak and Zinc:

  • President Trump sent ventilators to NY, Gov. Cuomo halted their distribution:

  • Dr. Birx on no shortage of medical supplies:

  • Relatives of medical staff in random Twitter posts:

  • Deaths of patients with “underlying medical conditions” counted towards deaths from the coronavirus:

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  • Are UK authorities faking deaths from coronavirus?

  • Similar reports from the States:

  • Citizens report no lines at the hospitals worldwide:

  • No testing taking place in Ireland:

  • …nor Tennessee:

  • Which hospital is it?

  • Was a 2017 movie footage used to report on “overrun hospitals”?

  • NAVY hospital ships, Mercy and Comfort, deployed to assist with “trauma patients”:

  • The structural changes within the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury:

  • US Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, on the Support Funds:

  • President Trump & the AirForce to combat drug trafficking amidst the coronavirus outbreak:

  • Maduro indicted by the US Justice Department:

  • Irish PM, Leo Varadkar, mentions “the calm before the storm”:

  • NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo mentions “the calm before the storm”:

  • German state finance minister kills himself:

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