The People Are Celebrating Freedom in Berlin!!!

The People Are Celebrating Freedom in Berlin!!!

Yesterday's march was a peaceful protest calling on "the powers that be" to respect our basic human rights and... common sense. The CDC is now saying that out of their 150,000 death cases, only 9,000 were specifically related to covid - that's just 6% of the initial, official number! And while every single death is one too many - there's no scientific base for proclaiming the current situation a pandemic (unless one changes the definition of 'pandemic' according to their whim 🙄). More people die of flu every year (except for this one 😉 because it's numbers were clearly hijacked to serve some other agenda).

People who gathered in Berlin to express the need for transparency from their own governments and to justify their angst, Germans and the representatives of many other nations 🆓🌎 alike, simply want to live their lives in peace and share kindness with others 🤲, be it friends or strangers. They want to help out one another 🤝, enjoy FREEDOM 💃🏖 and live in TRUTH 🔥.

Antifa couldn't do it, if they tried.

Our friend, Robert, reporting at location says that at the end of the day the numbers were estimated between 1 - 2 million participants. That's a bigger crowd, than the one that gathered there on August 1. According to the letter that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. received from the participants of that rally afterwards, the real numbers oscillated between 800,000 - 1.3 mln people!! That's an overwhelmingly greater estimate than the one the MS media reported on. For instance, the Wall Street Journal's and Reuters' estimation is 38,000 and the New York Times’ is 18,000.

Video & pictures: Robert Glas