Video: Watch the Water

King cobra pandemic

"This is the most original of all bioweapons ever! Snake venom."

Covid-19 is not a bat virus. Covid-19 is a venom ('virus' from Latin - poison, slime, venom)... isolated from the King cobra and the Chinese krait (a snake of the genus Bungarus). At least, that is the view of Dr. Bryan Ardis who reveals this information in the documentary.

Fun fact: snake venom causes a loss of smell / taste for months, sometimes even years... just like 'covid'.

The 'covid' drug flaunted by Big Pharma, remdesivir, administered intravenously in hospitals, is isolated snake venom that has the (lab tinkered) ability to target specific organs in the body. The released statistics on the application of remdesivir on the covid patients in hospitals show a shockingly high percentage of deaths. When the patient dies, the so-called "comorbidities" play the role of a perfect cover: "covid has attacked an organ previously weakened by a chronic disease," such as the heart or liver. And thus, covid becomes the official cause of death.

In reality, it is the venom smuggled in remdesivir that attacks a given organ and causes the patient to die.

This happens in hospitals.

In January 2020, the results of a 10-year study on the mapping of venom genes, proteins and peptides derived from the king cobra were published. These studies isolated 19 (Covid-19...) venom specific toxins. The mRNA isolated from these two species of snakes was wrapped in a hydrogel containing nano particles, to which they later added the so-called dynabeads (magnetic, metallic nano particles that make other particles stick to each other) - all to make the isolated poison more stable.

This is what is used in vaccines.

Hence the need for further booster shots for the poison to maintain its potency.

But how did Covid spread to the general population?

By poisoning the water. The CDC is responsible for this.

The venom in water, the venom in pharmaceuticals, and the venom in vaccines gradually lead to the insertion of snake genes into human DNA. It is a long-term blueprint for genetically modifying the human species. Modifying it into what though?...

You don't have to be a religious fanatic to come to the right conclusion.

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Editor-in-Chief, Vlogger & Radio Broadcaster, censored from Dublin City FM (Ireland) for reporting on the Trump admin, anti-lockdown protests and leftist riots. Host of Stricte Jawne in Radio Cenzura.
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